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the legislative aid to subpoena supervisor kim who was actually unable to make it to this meeting. she prepared a statement for me. it does talk about the projects but also the community process that we wanted to go through. as the extensive community has showed up in numbers in opposition to this project. we are optimistic given a one month continuance that we will be able to resolve a lot of the situations. the conversation has begun and there is a draft mlu in place. and we look forward to continuing the conversation with the project sponsor in order to further develop that mlu into something that the community can be proud of and look forward to having that development as their good neighbor. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, dan fraten in behalf of the project sponsor,
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we are happy to continue working with the neighborhood and supervisor kim's office. the continuance to february 28th is acceptable and hopefully we will have fewer people here for public comment when we come back. >> thank you. >> any additional public comment on the continuance? >> >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is angelica with the south market community action network. i thank you for continuing this project in terms of making sure that the community has adequate or enough time to really meet with the developer. i do request that the community is able to speak on this. a lot of the people here today took the time to be here. so even if you limit our speaking to even one minute, i ask of you to let our community speak on this issue and why we are here. as you know this is a
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development that is the single unit family zone and a lot of us concerned with the stability of the families including seniors in the neighborhood. so i please, i'm asking to please let us speak, thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> to that, last request, typically when there is a continuance, we don't bring m speak and hers when the item comes back on february 28th you will have an opportunity to speak. in between now and then if you want to submit anything in writing, via e-mail or letter to the commission secretary that would be fantastic. and welcomed. >> commissioners, on the motion to continue, items 12 aand b for case numbers 1211-0038 xvand x for 254th street and
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request for compliance to conditional use to february 28th. >> commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> borden. >> aye. >> hillis. >> aye. >> wu. >> aye. >> fong. >> aye. >> sugaya. >> aye. >> that passes. also to continue the variance to february 28th. >> thank you. >> and commissioners, a place under 13 a and b, for case numbers 2012.0083 ecv at grove street and known as parcel h and request for conditional use and request for variances. >>
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>> good afternoon, fong and the staff, before you is a project to construct a new mixed building, 34 residential units. >> it is hard to hear you. >> just wait one second until this group... >> thank you. >> before you today is a project that proposes to build a mixed building 34 residential unit, 12025 of ground floor retail and parking spaces on a site that is a surface parking lot. the xhis will be considering requests for a lot exceeding 10,000 square feet. the zone operator will be considering the variances for the usable open space and public ride of way and go into
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the exposure, the located on parcel h and it is also located in dtc zoning district. it will range from four to five stories and will be cshaped. the project sight has two straights (inaudible) uses and including the commercial retail space and residential lobby and entries. the units will be offered as condos and offices offered on site. >> the building from east to west to match the respect of the 50 foot projects on the site. the step down in height will allow it to be built in an environment and larger buildings will be along goff street while other s will be located on grove street to the west. the building articulating smaller masses by wave like
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facades that offer the bay window. and the claims also appear to reduce the apparent scale of the project and pick up on the rhythms in the environment. the (inaudible) estimate a letter of support for the project. the housing action coalition submitted a letter to circulate and i kirk late that for reference. it was in the residential building located to the project site at 525 gof street. that it will reception of light and air through the openings. (inaudible) the project too tall and the density too high and also have suggested that the community gardener make it preperable to the project. also that the project does not contain enough parking. the market and activity plan encouraging walking and biking and public transit and (inaudible) proposed 0.5 to 1
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parking ratio. and the dense mixed used projects to the parcels. >> the city laws do not guarantee the light and air through the property line openings. and this analysis of the project the staff has found that the project would be respectful of the (inaudible) by proposing a five-story along the larger gof street built environment while putting the four stories adjacent to the smaller context. the c-shaped building has been situated so it has shared the property line walls are located adjacent to the buildings of the property would also mimic the development pattern that features large development of large court yards used for open space. because of the mass and the site of the building has been related to the surrounding development. it recommends that they approve a request for the development of a lot greater than 10,000 square feet. >> the department staff has found many other aspects of the
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project to be necessary and desirable. we recommend that you approve the project. the project will add 34 dwelling units and a walkable area suit for dense used mix. and will add the (inaudible) corner site and will improve the pedal realm and the project will provide all required bmr units on site in the project fulfills the market and activity plan to focus on the transit and serves the locations. and (inaudible) this concludes my presentation and i will be available for questions and i would like to turn it over to the project sponsor for further comment on the design. >> thank you. >> project sponsor. >> good afternoon, president fong, commissioners. my name is daniel, and i am a principle of (inaudible) development a local firm here in san francisco it is my pleasure to present to you 400
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grove street in part of the (inaudible) neighborhood plan. with gdg partners who is co-developing the project with us, together we have a strong commitment to the (inaudible) neighborhood plan. in addition to the 400 grove street and we are developing 200 projects in the neighborhood and one of which is you approved last september. and all of which we believe will help to fulfill the vision of the neighborhood plan and revitalize the area. >> it is located in the haze valley just three blocks from the project site and our project manager lives in the neighborhood and managed the development of it at 55 page street. as you know 400 grove street was once part of the off-ramp that stretched through blieting the neighborhood and today it serves as a surface parking lot which is not the highest and best use for the urban prop. after purchasing this parcel, we hired (inaudible) of the san
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francisco based award winning (inaudible) architecture. she has worked with market activity plan to design an outstanding mixed use building and help to beautify a very busy stretch of the street. it will bring numerous (inaudible) and fulfill the goals. it will take a former freeway site and transform it into a beautiful new landmark building and bring the positive activity to the corners of goff and grove street doner the day and at night. it will boost the local economy and add 34 housing units with a good mix of studios, one and two units with over half suitable for families. it will add 4 bmr units on site to better housing into the community and will limit parking to 0.5 spaces per unit to promote public transportation over vehicles. it will have at least 25 bikes
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stall to promote modes of transportation and will add a dramatic restaurant space to a prominent corner to activate the pedestrian realm as well as close an empty stretch of retail. it will be environmentally sensitive by integrating the storm water capbility into the landscape feature of the building. it will create high density housing in a transit rich location that has more than a dozen cities and regional mass transit lines nearby. in terms of out reach, the project enjoys broad support. we have strong letters of support from the neighborhood association and the housing action coalition, and we have the support of our neighbors at 300 across the street. we ask for your support of this project today as recommended by the planning department. we believe that the city can be very proud of this project and the benefits that it will bring to this neighborhood and the elegant statement that it will make on the corner of goff and grove.
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thank you for your consideration, i am pleased to introduce the architect who will present the design, thank you. >> hello, president fong and commissioners, we are delighted to be presenting you here this project today. i will go through it kind of quickly, i think that you have gotten a lot of the facts. >> if you could state your name. >> an fugeron. >> any way, we are worked on other parcels actually on the market plan and actually worked on one of the first redevelopment agencies that was parcel a and so we are thrilled to be able to continue to work on goff street and helping to improve that environment. i think that you all know where the site is, this is parcel h, this is one of the last sites that is made available on goff street from the demolition of the freeway.
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so the important parcels were surrounded by the building by david baker and so we are trying hard to keep up with him. this is parcel h, it is a very funny, kind of site in the sense that it has a dog like here and i am not going a very good job, this 25 foot by 25 foot dog leg that used to be the rear yard and so we wind up with the funny conditions and because it is the last sight to be put on to this dense block we actually had to work pretty hard to figure out a way to site this building so it mid gated the site and try to safety as many of the problems created by a new infield project. there are as you can tell from this, just the different sort of heights, the limits are happening in the site. our site is bisected in two, facing goff and 60 feet in. and we have a 50 feet height limit and going down grove street by 100 feet we have the 40-foot height limit and so the building will step down as it
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goes towards grove street and we will use that as a way to sort of engage the buildings on grove which are smaller buildings and one and two stories and the taller buildings on goff street and so that was an important part of it. the other thing that was important was to figure out how to do a building to create the best open space possible. one of the excuses of the site as it, there are existing patterns that are different from a normal san francisco site because they are not in the middle of the block, but there is also the issue of the big wall along the property which is a blank wall and was built there as a property line wall and we will talk about how we chose to do that later on. so just a quick project facts that you have heard before, the project is between 5 and 4 stories, the height is between 45 and 55 feet, we took advantage of the 15-foot height for the base and we could create a really nice sort of retail space, right at the corner of goff and grove as
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well as walk up units on grove and goff street. the unit mix is there, we have 52 present two bedrooms and the rest of the mix is studios and one bedrooms and there are four on sight bmrs which 50 percent of them will be units. there are only 17 parking spaces as for the plan and there are 25-plus bike park and then about a 2,000 commercial space. this is very quickly the plan, there is a basement parking but we are only going down five feet to mitigate as much as possible, excavating too much and that is the parking as well as bike storage in the corner and what is important about the project for us was the site planning strategy on the ground floor, we put the commercial space right at the corner, the lobby entrance is here on grove street and you can see all the way across to the courtyard, the courtyard is five feet above grade but there is also a huge opening in here two
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stories, off of goff street which allows you to see in from the street all the way through the courtyard all the way across to the open space in the mid block. we tried to create in this project more of a sense of opening to the street to keep goff street being a canyon wall and to begin to relate the building more to the existing environment and we also then chose to build againsting the property line wall of 525 goff to be able to mitigate sort of that wall and also to get all of the units to face common courtyard, to maximize the southern exposure on all of the units and to avoid having a double loaded corner building but actually to do two single loaded buildings and thus improving the quality of light and air for all of the units on the site and allowing us to have all two bedroom unitwise double if not triple aspect windows which is important for the degree feature and the livebility of the units on that
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site. and then that is just typical floor plans, we have two bedrooms, always at the corners again, this is the big port tal that is opened on two floors, i am not doing a very good job of this thing which i will show you this in three dimensional later on. on the top floor, there say bunch of open space and some of them are private for some of the residences and there is also a nice two and communal open space that looks down on to grove street and that will be used by all of the residents in the building. there is the courtyard space in the middle of the building that we are trying to create as a space for everybody that lived in the building as well as the beautiful space to look at it. it will have seating and smaller courtyard spaces off the residential units and really be a place that we hope all of the residents can use. we will go now to this is the site as it is now, with no building in there. and then this is the building inside, really trying to sort
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of kind of match the urban wall created by the existing projects already on goff street. when you can see this idea of this wave action, this is the big portal, that we talked about, opening out on to goff where you can see directly into the courtyard and all the way across to the opening space beyond and there is also a transparent kind of piece here to the restaurant space, so you can see up the restaurant space and into the courtyard also as well as a lot of kind of planters that are in there to work for the storm management and water management system that is now part of the san francisco code. this is the building at the corner for an after. so really sort of a strong presence trying to create a dynamic new facade and quite open to the exterior and we are using the combination to the lattice to provide the shading and siding to mimic and play with the idea of the buildings
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that have the residential quality with the woodsiding th. is grove before and after, the building drops down to 45 feet on the lowest and 55 on the higher corner, we will have a residential lobby, and so this is the residential lobby where you can see the people, and you can see across the lobby and right next door to it is a single lane entrance for the park pag garage and then the big cafe we hope will activate the street and help sort of draw people in to the building. >> and then finally just in terms of how the building looks. we have worked a lot in san francisco and we are very cognasent of the building and kind of the mod lacing that they create in the street we wanted to think through a slightly before interpreted way and so we elongated the bay
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windows and we have them in the same way that san francisco bay windows are and we are working on a 25 foot module and so we are getting a lot of variation and so the waves come in and out on the different waves on the different floors, but between the horizontal and the vertical, we are able to achieve a building that does not get very big kind of articulated masses but is broken up into a series of one or two story composition which i think will help to mitigate the scale of the building in terms of goff down to grove and becomes a residential scale. and then there is the transparent, of course, ground floor and then we wanted to work in the tradition of woodsiding and the field rather than doing a more kind of what i say, industrial material, again, trying to sort of play with the existing fabric of san francisco. and so, we chose to do a cedar panels with a kind of a half
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round baten system that will be applied on the cedar panels and they will both sometimes be a lattice that will provide the sun shading for the windows as well as an extra layer on top of the flat panels to give you a modulation to create a fine grain environment and that just shows you the standard details and the building is set on the 30 floor and we will be able to get some sort of green space on the third floor to break up the mass of the building further. that is just a picture of the building, at night. >> thank you. >> any other speakers for the project sponsor? >> okay. seeing none, we will open it up for public comment. and i do have a few speaker
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cards, gary shilling? >> robin leavitt. tim colin. alan mark and michael alder. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is gary shilling i am the president of the full ton grove home owners association with the northwest portion of the proposed project at 400 grove street and i am here to represent several home owners that have significant concerns about the proposed development. in general we appreciate and applaud the effort of the developers and the architect that they have made to fit into the neighborhood in which the street scape with the retail and a large portal on to goff and reinforce the market plan which some of our residents were instrumental in actually developing. and promoting. we are however, concerned about the height of the building, mid block along the western edge at the northwest corner of the
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parcel. but the building rises four stories above the 5-foot height parking podium resulting in a tall wall, facing several yards that belong to owners in our development. creating privacy and solar exposure for our owners which should be mitigated. >> the proposed bedrooms at the west elevation of the project has significant glazing to the west looking into existing private gardens. two other buildings, as shown. oh, how do i... >> go ahead. >> all right. two other buildings on fulton grove east property line that you can see in the drawing here, north of the proposed project, modified their mass during the design phase and traded set backs to limit their mid block bulk and then shadows.
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you can see this here and also some what incorrectly shown in the rendering but what we drew over there kind of actually shows what does happen. so that there is an open set back through those two buildings on the parcels. they have modified their massing in response to our concerns and in the previous developments and it really minimized the effect of the bulk on the backyards of the units of our project which are these units here. we strongly feel that the glass proposed in the design at the bedrooms on the taller part of the building is not an adequate response to the bulkness of the project in the northwest corner and interest that they step back the top two floors as shown in the sketch here. in the past few weeks we have had discussions with the developer and we would like to ask for a continuance so that we can continue to have a
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dialogue and reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. so we can whole heartedly endorse this project which we think otherwise is an accident addition to the neighborhood. >> thank you. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, commissioners, robin weather here i am a long time resident of haze valley and a member of the neighborhood association. i'm pleased to be here today to support this project. it fully complies with the market octavia plan and has minimum parking and provide the units on site and it is a beautiful building that will come mrement the neighborhood. i come mend them for putting together a great project and hope that you support it. >> i want to bring up a important issue in regard to this as well as many projects under construction approved or seeking your approval for the market octavia area.
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these projects consists of thousands of units that will house thousands of people in this very dense area. in my opinion that is not a bad thing, but where are the infrastructure improvements especially with regard to transportation that are needed to accommodate all of these new folks, streets in the haze valley area are among the most heavily trafficked in the city. intersections just a few blocks from this project are among the most dangerous in this state. and may meet market octavia and golf. we have a lot of serious congestion and bike safety problems now. what is going to happen in the future when the projects are built and occupied. to make the matters worse you may be aware that the city wants to take millions of dollars from the sale of the former freeway parcels this is one of them that was ear marked specifically for transportation improvements in the area and did divert those to other
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neighborhoods >> as good as projects like this one, unless we have money to address the transportation needs i question how you can justify approving the developments when the streets around them are unsafe and dysfunctional. >> in the future i urge you to consider this question when reviewing the projects like the one before you in the market area. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners, tim collen on behalf of the housing action coalition. and the project sponsors has presented this to us a couple of weeks ago, pretty recently so as scam belled to get it ready, our position ready and through all of the peer review as normally do. we love property ject for the reasons that you have heard, on site, brm but more broadly i think what came out of our was
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this is a market plan and this project is one more step in creating a great neighborhood. this is a wonderful project and in an evolving neighborhood it is not luxury yus and it is pleasant and it has the amenities that we like to see in san francisco neighborhoods on the question of parking, the projects that we have been seeing coming through the market in the octavia area are going for as of right parking and they are getting approved as of right and we have long wanted to have a lot of successful examples of this. that we can do this, and the sky won't fall. that it is possible to build these types of excellent, excellent design projects, and the dense urban neighborhood and reduce the park and it works. and so this is yet another step in this process, that we would like to see continue.
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and commend you and the commission has been very good about saying no this is what the neighbors what, the as of right is the right level. this is another one, i think that this absolutely taking the neighborhood in the direction that it should go and i hope that you will approve it. >> thank you. >> >> thank you, commissioners, my name is alan mark, president of the mark, company, our key focus is research. if we look at the number of condos at the height of the market in 2007, there were 2500 to 3,000. >> today there are under 50 market rate condos for sale in san francisco. in terms of new construction. and it is closer to 30, actually. and if you desire to move into a brand new building that opens this year, you would not have the ability to move

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